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As a kid growing up in the 70's, there was not much kid-geek programming. One show that captured my young imagination, was the Six Million Dollar Man, and to some degree, the spin-off series of the Bionic Woman. I have to admit that Jamie Summers was one of my first crushes. Hot.

The toys from these shows also give off found childhood memories. In this video short, I work with my daughter to replace her broken parts and "rebuild her" with new velcro and skin for her bionic arm.

I was also trying out the new Canon 16-35 lens with IS. Very impressed with the lens quality and welcome the image stabilization for video on Canon dslr's as well as the BMCC ef mount. For this I shot it on a 5d markiii in 24p using available light. Audio is from the cameras internal mic.

From a 7d longtime user, I like the look. The image stabilization workes well and is helpful in video. This was shot mostly on a tripod. Very much in love with the new 13-35. It is very light and feels good to hold. My guess is that Canon will move all of their future glass to lighter, but still pro.

This is much longer than it should, but this was made mostly for my daughter.


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