Canon EOS 5D Mark III User Group

This (non-scientific) test features a DSC Labs "Splash" chart with three different cameras pointed at it: the Canon EOS C100, the Canon 5D Mark III and the RED Scarlet. Each camera was using the same 85mm f1.2L lens, under the same, controlled lighting conditions (5600K Lowel Compact Fluorescent Bulbs). Each camera was set to 5600K white balance, and 1/60 shutter speed at 24P.

The 5D was set on 1080/24P (ALL-I Codec), with the ISO set to 640. The Picture Profile was set to Stu Maschwitz' "ProLost" settings. The lens was set to f9.

The C100 was set to ISO 850, and shot in Wide DR, Cinema, and EOS Standard picture profiles, with the lens set to between f9 and f11.

The RED Scarlet was set to ISO 800, and REDCODE 6:1. The lens was set to f7.1.

All raw clips were dropped into a 1080/24p timeline in Premiere CS6, and exported to ProResHQ. That file was then converted to a maximum-bit-rate Vimeo HD file for uploading.

Here's the "key" to know which camera is which…

A - Canon 5D Mark III (Raw from Camera)
B - RED Scarlet (Basic Contrast Correction in Post)
C - Canon 5D Mark III (Post-Sharpened)
D - Canon EOS C100 (Cinema Gamma)
E - RED Scarlet (Raw from Camera/RedColor 2 Gamma)
F - Canon EOS C100 (EOS Standard Gamma)
G - Canon EOS C100 (Wide DR Gamma)


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