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Blind Ache is my own interpretation of a headache and how drastically your world can change by taking just one Advil in the midst of it.
All Advil commercials have people speaking directly into the camera, being interviewed explaining the product. I wanted to advertise the product a bit differently. I wanted to explain it through a narrative structure.
This is a creative & exaggerated impression of the before & after effects of Advil – Take one to turn trash into class.
Headache (Man)- Andrew Marikis
Laura (Woman)- Gina Ring
Narration- Ben Ray
Produced, Written, Directed, Edited, Sound Design & Production Design - Ben Bloom
Director Of Photography - Danny Valdez
1st Assistant Director - Jason Janowicz
Set Decorators - Christine Bloom & Manar As
Boom Operator - Hunter Tankersley
Key Grip - Bryan Zelasko
Set PA - Jake Bloom
And I guess Mike Alexander digitally removed a piece of hair...
Extra Special Thanks to Donna's Cafe, Mom, Trevor Frank and Sam Bellinder
Watch in HD for Best Image & Sound Quality! :)


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