Canon 1DC

This video is from a series of 1DC camera tests I conducted. You can read my full write up of the 1DC on the WonderBlog here:


Full frame has become the crack that filmmakers are unable to live without. Whether it’s paying the extra cash for a used 5D2 over a new 60D or adding a speed booster to the worlds least ergonomic camera (Sony FS700).

I love my 40mm on a full frame chip. I love it so much that I could never find a way to embrace the superior image of the C300 over my 5D which lead me to sell it. Now, once again, I’m in the same pickle: sharper 4K image or the field of view I love.

As a final test I took my Zeiss 28mm ZE and put it on the 1DC in 4K mode. Field of view this lens is the equivalent of the 40mm in Full Frame. I wanted to see if 1.3 crop was enough to feel a difference. Sadly it appears so.

I know the 4K looks great and so does the Zeiss, but still there is some more intimate and voyeuristic about the 40mm on Full Frame. From the way the background is rendered to the blur from full frames shallower depth of field it’s a tough battle to figure out if the technical achievement of the 4K trumps my emotional attachment to Full Frame.

You can download the Prores HQ version of this test here:


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