Ploegsteert (Belgium) was known among the British soldiers as 'Plugstreet'. Each first Friday of the month the victims of the Great War are commemorated here with a 'Last Post'.

Notes concerning the shoot:
What a joy it is to shoot with prime lenses only! I used the Samyang 14mm f2.8, the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and the Auto Chinon 135mm f2.8 and left my zoom lenses at home. Aperture was set at f4 or f8 in order to get the sharpest image, and sharp it is indeed! My glass is not L-glass but it sure makes a huge difference to shoot with primes only. I guess I made up my mind about this for the future... primes only!
I noticed the 'jello' effect in some of the shots with the 135mm lens. This was caused by the strong wind tearing at my tripod at specific spots around the monunment. With temperatures around the freezing point, my battery power was draining fast.

j vimeo.com/62633889

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