7DPRO [Canon EOS 5D Mark II]

Contact: karollakomiec@gmail.com
website: karollakomiec.com

This are some samples of my work. I am open for cool future projects, so if you are interested just write me an email! Enjoy!

'Get Real' - Short film - Dir. Michał Bolland. / DoP, editing
'Imperator' - Dir. Konrad Łęcki / DoP
'Left with a Last Minute' – Short film – Script, Directing, DoP, editing - vimeo.com/24780100
'Cztery' - Short film - Script, Directing, DoP, Editing - vimeo.com/31631818
Dan Beaulaurier 'Cosenqences' - Music Video - Directing, DoP, editing - vimeo.com/27762003
'The Only Medicine' - Short Film - Script, Dir, DoP, Edit. vimeo.com/37817005
Luje 'Czarno na Białym' - Music video - Dir. Michał Bolland. / co-cinematograpy, editing vimeo.com/48162331
'Lumen Aeternum' - Short film - Dir. Ishbel Szatrawska. / co-cinematography
'Europe Speakin‘ - Commercial – co-directing-cinematography, editing

Music - The Maccabees 'Feel to follow' (Great Band!)

Chceck my website: karollakomiec.com

j vimeo.com/50450218

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