7DPRO [Canon EOS 5D Mark II]

- SAN SODA: approaches the world of clubs at the age of eighteen when he met Red D: one of the leading Belgian house music.
The young age and the determination fielded by San Soda push the Red D, who had already toyed with the idea of opening his own record label, founded the "We Play House Recordings".
Since the beginning, the label gets international attention not only for solo projects, but also for "FCL": a partnership that establishes the link between San Soda and Red D. The tracks "Let 's Go" and "More Than Seven" became big hits from clubs and dominate the charts throughout 2010. All this culminated in the debut album of San Soda released in October 2010. The dates to Panoramabar, the acclaimed performance at Sonar festival, the tour in Canada and the U.S. are demonstrations that the fame of San Soda is likely to grow with the passing years.

- Queen's Park Revenge (Soho Soundsystem)

- Soundwall: soundwall.it/
- Tsinoshi Bar: tsinoshibar.it/
- Iceberg Vodka

Song: San Soda - Birdies That Fly

Matteo Erbisti

j vimeo.com/79866850

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