Canon EOS 7D

This is just a short test (with an old phone that I had for years) to play with my Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro lens and the Canon 7D using Photoshop CS4 filters. Filters were applied frame by frame in Photoshop CS4 (the "watercolor" filter) and then I exported a high quality AVI to use in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. There was only a little tweaking done in Premiere (such as some levels adjustments and flickering effects, but no color grading). I used the tungsten white balance setting on my Canon 7D and shot in pretty low light. I didn't use any audio from the original footage...not sure how one would handle that.

I'm just learning all of this myself so here is a tutorial on using Photoshop for video from Adobe TV: .

I'll warn you that this process of adding frame by frame Photoshop filters to a video in Photoshop is very time consuming and takes a lot of processing power. I was unable to directly import the Photoshop file with the video into Premiere directly because it was a huge file and it would freeze up Premiere. I finally had to export the video out of Photoshop as an AVI file (Cinepak, best quality, original video frame rate, unchecked and left blank "key frame every" and "limit data to") to get the video out of Photoshop to behave in Premiere and keep high quality. It was worth it - I love the almost film noir 1940's - 1950's look the watercolor Photoshop filter created and the soft yet somewhat gritty texture. There is a lot of potential for creating more unique custom effects using Photoshop CS4 filters added to video.

Video and editing by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Music - "Secret Stealth Mission" by Dominik Hauser
Purchased license from


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