Canon EOS 7D

April & Kris....

What an interesting story these two have. Both are in the military, in fact that's where they met.

Kris, a self proclaimed "Peter Pan"- green tights and all, is a fun-loving party animal, noted for his Lady Gaga impressions, this dude has a real zest for life.

April on first impressions, SEEMS slightly reserved, measured, more.... mature. (I say that with a smile on my face.) I think it's her stature, She carries herself with a certain elegance. (Side point- she outranks Kris, which his groomsmen enjoyed commenting on). When I realized she was going to Surprise Kris with a song, I knew this would be gold, AND she is not at all reserved!! I know I couldn't sing in front of that group, even if I did have an amazing voice like April's.

These two love each other WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! They wear their passion for one another on their sleeves and its a beautiful thing to see! My face was aching from all the smiling I did that day.


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