Canon EOS 7D

- Blawan: Jamie Roberts is a very special character. Artistic debut on Hessle Audio, Warp and R & D. After the great success on the above labels, Blawan life to other projects with artists close to him: Parassela with the Italians The Analogue Cops and Karenn, a project in which he is involved along with Pariah. Experimenter always ready to redefine the boundaries of traditional genres of electronics, Blawan papers is soon made a name as DJs, with gigs in major clubs and festivals in Europe.
"And Blawan 'MAN CAME FROM 2018"

- Shinoby (Soho Soundsystem)

- Queen's Park Revenge (Soho Soundsystem)

Partner: Soundwall Electronic Music Magazine

Matteo Erbisti

Song: Depeche Mode - Heaven (Blawan Remix)


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