Canon EOS 7D

A short film shot as a test of the Canon T3I HDSLR (for reference: it has the same sensor as the t2i/550d, 60d/600d, and the 7d).
All footage is straight from the camera with no color correction or sharpening in post. Shot in available light using a Canon 50mm F1.8 and a Canon 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 lens.
Edited using Premiere Pro CS6. Music by Jon Brion.

A writer in search of inspiration is lost in their own illusions. What he sees is its reality or its reflection? The restlessness makes him seek new tools to reach your goal: writing. However, the means to reach this much desired end are so disturbing to him, that this can not untie this mess of reality. So who did you write? Who is this, the writer or his inspiration?


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