Canon EOS 7D

Mikey loves to make coffee. Its his passion. He made coffees for all of his mates, including us. I loved the roast smell on my Cappuccino. It was perfect. Ling likes to joke around, I can see why she chose Mikey. They are just two very fun loving people.

The mini mercedes benz was truly hilarious. We were so looking forward to see it in action and boy did it go well!

Through our line of work, we get to meet new people every week and we are blessed to have nice couples who we enjoy to work with, but then there are those few ones that somehow made the extra effort to melt our heart. One of those couples is Mikey and Ling. They gave us cufflinks in the morning as a gift. The cufflinks were so cool, they were in the form of clapper boards, film roll, cameras but its not really about how cool the cufflinks were, its about the intention behind it. We know that usually only groomsmen receive these kind of gifts so you can imagine how special we felt that morning. You never know what little gestures like this can do to someone..

Finally, there's a lot of things we like about Mikey and Ling.. we like their fun personality, their attitude and their generosity. But most of all, we love how they see us more than just a vendor on their wedding. So thank you Mikey and Ling for your beautiful hearts. We hope that our artwork would be enough to make you smile when you watch it 30 years from now and be reminded of the day where you made the most important promise of your life.

Your happy wedding videographers
The Paper Cranes team


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