Nude Performance Art, Dance and Video: EROART

Fish Without A Bicycle
with Aaron Tsuru
Special Guest: Kate Sweeney

Episode 3 of our series of skypecasts (aka podcast meets videocast over skype), a "nudiecast" if you will, where we hang out with various amazing women in the arts. No script, no agenda, with minimal editing... just hanging out with maybe a cup of coffee or tea on a nice weekend morning.

Today's special guest is photographer, model, & and my boobelganger (aka my boobie) Kate Sweeney - - as we chat with her in her home in the frozen tundra known as Columbus, Ohio, discussing everything from self-portraits, gender & sexuality, what I'd do if Megs - - had a penis, and, of course, have an epic bush off!

Completely rando and totally fun. Aka No Rules, Just Right (TM pending) Enjoy!

Starring Kate Sweeney -
Filmed & Hosted by Aaron Tsuru -
Theme song - "Night One/Set Two" by The Necks (

All Photos by Kate Sweeney or me.

If you enjoyed and have any topics you want me to discuss with our guest in our next episode, drop me a message here or at tsurufoto at gmail dot com!

Aaron Tsuru


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