Erotica Visuala

6th video from the POSSESSION cycle that meets the aesthetic need to participate in an unspecified, perverse ritual of transformation. The body is taken up by some organic creatures with fluid bodies and clear intentions – to mix fluids, taste the body and transform it into their own likeness.

INSIDE FLESH is a project founded by the members and collaborators of SUKA OFF/BlackFleshVideo. Their work has always been concentrated on human carnality in all its aspects. Because in both live and video works, they’ve been working with the body without faking anything what could be done for real, but the theatre, art and even alternative club scene was putting limits to their experiments with sexual imagery, it was was only a matter of time that they would make their way into pornography. The aesthetics, themes and characters are still the same. The world they’re creating is filled with postindustrial imagery, synthetic fluids (liquid latex, silicone, acrylic paint) and role/sex changing characters. The only thing that separates INSIDE FLESH videos from those made by BFV, is explicit nudity and sex. Although INSIDE FLESH stands in opposition to the mainstream porn productions, it doesn’t have anything to do with the alt porn scene. It is not related to any specific subculture, ideology or gender.



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