Video Essay

The images and video texts are organized around death in the many facets that it can acquire. As I can’t deny the influence of certain works of ancient and modern art, quoted verbatim and by the action of assemble, we can give new means, redefine or ironize to seek new horizons of understanding in death-image relationships, either from history, the basic psychology, esotericism or subjectivity of the filmmaker, proposing only sketches to try to understand death-thing through intertextuality of the sources quoted.

Realization: Pablo Molina Guerrero.
Music: Franz Liszt, Ludwig van Beethoven, Béla Bartók.

Realizado para Volumen 4, Relaciones entre Imagen y Muerte: anacronismo, presencia y ausencia; de la Revista Digital Sans Soleil - Estudios de la Imagen. España 2012

Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Buenos Aires. Argentina 2012 // Festival Cine B, Foco La Experiencia, Santiago. Chile 2012 // Cine Otro Festival de Cine Político, Social y DD.HH. de Valparaíso. Chile 2013 // One with a Movie Camera - Marburg International Ethnografic Film Festival. Alemania 2013


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