Everything Organic

Some Infos about this:

0:01: TurbStrands (Private Test)
This was some Artwork i did in my spareTime.
The Setup startet simple but got quite somplex in the end. What you see are some Steps:
1. About 10 Curves as Input
2. Create some Strands based on these Curves (Add some Turbulence and some Thickness)
3. Create some Strands based on the First StrandLayer (and add some more Turblulence but less Thickness)
4-6 Some Compositining Steps

0:08: TurbStrand (AnimTest)
Becouse my TurbStrand Experiment looked quitre nice, i tried to animate it. After some Tests this was my result

0:22 TurbStrands (Final Shot)
As a final Step, we created this Shot.
I did again a similar Setup ( Curves -> 1.Layer Strands -> 2. Layer Strands), but i had to add some mire stuff. So eg. i had to Transfer the Color along all my Layers, or i had to combine two directions (Screen to Center + Center to OffScreen). Also i had to create some additional Effects (little Spheres on the Screen, or Dust in the End).
I also had some help here. One mat did the awsome CamreaAnimation and another helped a lot in terms of Art-Direction. Rendering/Composition was for me again

Software: Softimage, Arnold and Nuke for Compositing

j vimeo.com/64656835

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