expanded architecture

The mediasculpture: fluxon uses magnetic liquid ferrofluid controlled by a matrix of electro magnets to display the activity and communication between the departments of the insurance R+V. The visuals on the sculpture react on the mail and phone traffic within the company. By logging in, every employee generate a light impuls on the sculpture showing the current activity of their department.

The concept was made within the course: Brand in Space curated by Holger Schmidhuber, FH Mainz 2012/2013.
This video shows how the sculpture could be installed in the building of the R+V. We also built a prototype to study the possibilites of ferrofluid in real, which is documated here > vimeo.com/73090081.

Kevin Röhl
Johannes Kempf
Erik Freydank

music: nathan fake - long sunny

j vimeo.com/60646648

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