Experimental Filmmakers

A journey through a tragic life as seen through a gritty doll-house.

“What happens in Western cinema is ‘Look at this! You’re so stupid you don’t know what we’re trying to tell you. Let me tell you something.’ And we say, ‘Hey, discover this,’” - Christopher Doyle

Director/script: Rayan Zomorodi
DP: Kristoffer Stranden
Sound design: Juan Arango
Grip/hooded death figure: Daniel De Porras Hernandez
Masked Woman: Tanja Shamsadin
Grip/After effects: Mons E.
Editing: Kristoffer Stranden, Rayan Zomorodi

Thanks to: Eivind Midtlie Kristiansen, Martin Hegge, Tino Betti, Ritchie Cavander Cole

j vimeo.com/54560190

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