Experimental Filmmakers

Fashion Short Film 2009 // 11min HD

Synopsis: Katerina is a photographer and Niki is a model. Not having seen each other for a long time, they meet by chance during a photo shoot. We soon come to realize that they used to have a relationship that did not turn out so well. Now, years later and without having had any kind of contact, there is a different kind of equilibrium and their life situations have changed. The end will be fatal for both of them.

Starring : Erica Bigiou, Evanthia Sofronidou

Writer/Director: Christos Sitaridis
Production: Despina Sifniadou
Art Direction: Sofia Kouloukouri
Direction of Photography: Alki Politi, Natassa Dara-Liaskou
Editing: Nikos Kyritsis
Sound Recording/Design/Music: Anna Pigou-Repousi

j vimeo.com/65557910

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