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Originally released in 2010, now uploaded to Vimeo for your social network viewing pleasure ~

Enjoy ~


There is an impossibility present for us in travelling the great distance of interstellar space: our nearest neighbouring star, Alpha Centauri, would take a gargantuan 180,000 earth years to reach with current technology.

Yet along with other significant scientific developments, such as spacecraft, it has been the camera which has provided the modern simian with the most acute and descriptive way of sympathising with the cosmic void, and of understanding our place within it.

Long before humans make any significant advancement in the physical traversal of worlds, it will be the continual advancement of optics – the ability to see closer, further and with finer detail – that we come to know the existence of extraterrestrial life by telescope alone.

As sharp as the current Google Earth renderings of our home planet, we may one day zoom to other worlds with the same scale, resolution and quality.

In 2010, NOUMINA celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Hubble, the world’s first orbiting space telescope.

NOUMINA presents our current visual rendering of the Universe via high-quality satellite imagery from NASA, and video improvisations from the open-source planetarium software Stellarium.


NOUMINA Credits:
Animation & Sound: Matt Tierney
Additional Audio Processing: Ry David Bradley
Consultant – Observational Astronomy: Michael Fitzgerald
Translation Assistants: Zane Lynd & Tomoko Yamaguchi
Installation Technician: Jonathan Hopkins

j vimeo.com/74694978

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