Experimental Filmmakers

Sometimes you have to leave your ordinary tools of the trade behind, why not try concrete for once? Here are some peeks behind the scenes of Blank Blank studio, building our latest utopian model. We also do destruction!

The whole thing started with a desire to let our everyday tools of the trade lie (computers, pens and paper). Reviewing the band's previous visual output we felt there was an overall theme there we could grab hold of and make our own; vague hints of USSR, retro-futurism and space-travel.

With this in mind we sketched up a kind of typographic landscape based on key elements like "concrete", "brutalism", "material feel" and perhaps most importantly "decay". We then set out to realize this sketch with rolled-up sleeves, some hobby-related experience and a passion for improvisation. We had an incredibly tight deadline, so we planned the entire construction, deconstruction and clean-up to last two days.

In close collaboration with photographer Sirio Magnabosco, we started out with a 2,5x2,5 meter black surface and documented the entire process. From emptiness, to construction, to deconstruction and finally to emptiness again.

video by Blank Blank + Sirio Magnabosco. Sound by J. Hannevold.


j vimeo.com/81355391

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