Experimental Video Art

live audio visual performance
triple screen video with modul8, triplehead and midi controler
+ audio on pure data linux

video aude francois
sound servando barriero

performed in mannheim during the b-seite festival 2010

thanks to servando & benjamin & sven

Project Description:
"Frozen Flowers" is an audiovisual live performance illustrating a winter fall into a black and white undetermined place. Playing with the temporality of everyday objects, composed as shadows and paterns, an anonym body draws the lines of the inconstance of emotions and desires...
Fallen from the cloud of a lost dream, the middle frame of the composition is stopped in time and reactived in sychronisation with the music, creating a sort of stopmotion framing with video...This performance deals with "Das Unheimliche" of Freud's theory as a way of redefining the sensation of feeling outside of our own body, watching our own life as a movie running in front of our closed eyes...

j vimeo.com/10570011

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