Experimental Video Art

Bonhomme Daniel: the audiovisual performance (extract).

In this version, prepared for a show in New York in November 2010, the soundtrack (created in close collaboration with Petite porte de bronze) is pre-recorded, but the visuals are edited live, and inlaid with live drawings.

So, welcome to the world of Bonhomme Daniel: his armchair, his common sense thoughts, his beloved sheep skin...

Live editing and drawings: Antonin De Bemels
Mask bearers: Bud Blumenthal, Antonin De Bemels, Ugo Dehaes
Soundtrack: Petite porte de bronze, with excerpts from TMRX and Rawakari

Length of the complete performance: 35 minutes

Contact (booking): antonindb -> bruxxel.org

j vimeo.com/10949371

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