Experimental Video Art

There are an infinite number of oceans bathing a vast number of worlds. They multiply endlessly, as imperfect copies of themselves, connecting, folding, filling, thickening and dividing a countless series of times.

On a beach of one of these oceans, Sadako Sasaki is laying on the sand, making shapes out of bright colour papers; in other, a sweet breeze is cooling down the fevered dream of an old fisherman; in other, a lizard is taking a sunbath at the ruins of an empty swimming pool, left there by a long-gone civilization.

In most of these oceans, however -or at least in most of them where humans are around-, the sun is from time to time outshined by a hungry mechanical star, eager to flood the world with its sizzling-roasting light. In one of the beaches of one of those oceans, Sadako Sasaki was engulfed by this dark light, just before completing her thousand paper cranes.

COLOR | STEREO | 16mm+HDV | 01’38” | 2010

j vimeo.com/14404247

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