Experimental Video Art

!NV0(ɔ)4XXX!0N555 (window video) - jonCates (2011)

!NV0(ɔ)4XXX!0N555: an artist's talk on Computer Witchcraft in the context of Glitch Art
@ CentralTrak
Dallas TX

Glitch - video/new media exhibition
CentralTrak: UT Dallas Artist Residency
800 Exposition Ave
Dallas, TX

Glitch is a video exhibition that highlights the recent investigations of a dynamic group of artists who are investigating digital error. What normally would be considered a malfunction of computers, networks and interfaces either by design or by accident is exploited here in dramatic fashion, whether through video, stills, or sound. The Glitch explores the possibilities and spaces and moments that are exposed when things go wrong.

Participating artists include jonCates, Paul B. Davis, Kyle Kondas, LoVid, Shane Mecklenburger, Tom Moody, Vjanomolee, and Jenny Vogel.

j vimeo.com/19435833

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