Experimental Video Art


Working with pianist composer Lola Perrin, we created a series of 3 videos projected for her third piano suite “Perpetual Motion”.

A series of moving paintings with water as brushstrokes, colour and texture, challenging the audience by showing them nature in a unique and melodious way. The cooperation was a great success as evidenced by the press.

"Parts of Perpetual Motion were accompanied by visuals by Thomas Gray, abstract images derived from natural forms such as animal fur, running water or grass blowing in the wind. This marriage of sound and visuals was as good as any I have seen, even the works of Philip Glass and Godfrey Reggio - praise indeed." - allaboutjazz.com

The work is " hauntingly compelling " - The Guardian

"draws on the imagination of the listener " - Berliner Morgenpost

"has a simplicity that is unique in contemporary music " - Straight No Chaser

project – On-stage concert visuals
music – Lola Perrin
format – Digital for projection

Watch G-Mass HD, our later collaboration with Lola Perrin at vimeo.com/21387521

For more video paintings see:
Roland Perrin: Concert Video Projections vimeo.com/21395681
Nature Art vimeo.com/21479458
Interpretations of Nature vimeo.com/21394339

j vimeo.com/21298518

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