Experimental Video Art

CarbonMedia.nl (Amsterdam, Netherlands) is proud to announce the launch of PrivacyMatters, a controversial documentary animation, highlighting the erosion of our privacy rights in our modern “always on” electronic world.

Foundation Internet4all, approached Carbon to produce a “no holds barred” insight into the dangers of privacy erosion: a prefect fusion of live action within a rich 3D world; the perfect vehicle to captivate the audience and illustrate both the dangers and the actions needed to combat giving more control of our lives and personal data to those we trust to protect us in these unchartered territories.

Intense and passionate, informative from the first word, Foundation Internet4all, hopes that this film will initiate an honest dialogue between citizens and corporations and those who are entrusted to protect us – the government and leaders themselves.

j vimeo.com/2405131

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