Experimental Video Art

This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer *not* used).

That night I had technical problems and did not mix as well as I would have liked to. Yet, D'Jamency as usual, jammed très+très bien and that helped me keep my cool. :)

2 more technical notes; there is a hum in the sound and the night-shot mode (infrared) on the camcorder just doesn't cut it sometimes - yet without it, live feed of DJs just isn't possible, so...

Lastly, Le Globull changes it's deco all the time, so when I arrived, they had designed the screen in 2 parts and so often I tried to use an effect that separated the image into 3 horizontal parts to try and match/play with it's screen shape.

Here are some photos to show what I mean:

Related Video - Club Promo:

Eject Management / Club Globull
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008


j vimeo.com/3764593

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