Experimental Video Art

This film is a remake of the beautiful opening scene from "Zabriskie Point" by Michelanelo Antonioni from 1970. Not frame by frame, but cut by cut and title by title. It's a cover song.

What Antonioni did about US students we did with students from Bauhaus University in Weimar/Germany in 2004. The history repeats itself.

We were a "video band" called MY PICTURES DON'T MOVE. We wanted to make videos like songs. We had a stinky practice room with old couches and no light where we drunk beer, smoked cigarettes, talked about new ideas and watched movies on a small TV set.

And then the other students started a little strike...

I shot this film with my small Sony DCR-TRV33E that has a ingenious touchscreen for focusing. Unfortunatelly I couldn't get the original version of the movie so I took the german.


j vimeo.com/3923330

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