Experimental Video Art

Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl, Croatia 2000, 5:00 min

"A sultry oppression sat over the fields and mountains for months. People and animals, meadows and gardens yearned for refreshing, gentle rain. The Crna Rijeka (= Black River), an ordinarily a cheerfully babbling stream, dried up. The people's prayers and pleading were all in vein, as the skies showed no mercy on them. But then the Black Queen with her glittering entourage appeared in the valley. The people cried for help, asking for water, without which they would all perish. And the Black Queen took pity on them: with great thunder and lighting, heavy rain began to fall in an instant, bringing life to the people and animals, fields and meadows. The rain poured and poured, and the waters began to grow, until they formed the lakes as we see them today."

j vimeo.com/4562638

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