Experimental Video Art

This is a visual example of audio/video installation TRIPTRAIN, it was on at NXNW art and music festival 2009, The Way We Are exhibition.

TRIPTRAIN reflects our passion for trains and railway, industrial imagery and electronic sounds, this plays an important part in our work, in this project it is an interpretation of industrial sounds, in particular train and railway sounds. Color plays an important part as well, it changes the look and the feel or the atmosphere and the perspective of the image, the same clip is modified with color reduce and other filters to gain this effect, which completely transforms the image and when the clips are played, each one appears to be different, even though it is the same image.

This installation consist of two projections, that are different in dimension and duration, played in the loop, projected to the corner, one on one wall, another on another, but colliding edges at the very peak of a corner. The second video, that is a variable speed and tempo,while the speed ant tempo of the fist video dose not change, is recorded the way that it would start later than the first one, which is played continuously, that means every time the second video is played, it starts at different frame of the first one.

j vimeo.com/5998643

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