Experimental Video Art

DV, 3' 27'', 2003, Portugal

Experimental Self-Document.
Experimental image processing and collage.
Reflexion on the nature of electronic and digital visual time.
Confrontation bettween a close-up of the artist looking though the camera (first from a "natural" image and second from a processed image) and a middle- shot of the artist running, using multiple collage processes.
The artist is simultaneously the subject and the object of the representation.
Some short instants in life are lived from a present eternal perspective while, at the same time, facing the inevitably running time (and a time for running).
The face of the artist watches not only the viewer but also himself and the tecnhical apparatus while it is being watched on another level.

Bomba Ecrã de Prata, estúdio da Bomba Suicida, 2004; Universidade da Beira Interior (Congresso Internacional Relipes III), Covilhã, 2007

j vimeo.com/74880536

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