Experimental Video Art

Retro FLOOD TV - FLDTV0022
The 22nd FLOOD realtime VJ video. Recorded in 2011


Friction - facebook.com/frictiondeejay
BCee - facebook.com/bceespearhead
S.P.Y. - facebook.com/thespymusic

Music: BCee, S.P.Y., Friction, K-Tee
Visual Styling & VJ’ing: FLOOD
Original Footage: Burning man.

I didn't shoot this footage. If you did (or know who did) please let me know and I will give proper credit.

VJ Video Retrospective - FLDTV0022 - Recorded 2011
This is me being greedy again and seeing how many videos I can get out of one batch of footage.
This is deck ‘C’ of my Burning man footage (these days I have only 1 deck).

That said it’s not as bad as I thought looking back on it.

It does 2 things right (and these are always important) -
A) Have a good start image.
B) Have a good end image.

A) Will get people watching.
B) Will get people remembering (usually with rose colored glasses).

The original “Planet of The Apes” is a prime example of this.

j vimeo.com/88086817

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