Experimental Video Art

Gyges episode 4
His Mistress' Third
2m 51s

Gyges returns for an all-new, all action-packed episode!

Confronted with disaster, the Portal Oracle makes the desperate and dangerous decision to revoke and re-cast an arcane seal previously imprisoning Gyges' estranged brother, _____, in order to save the portal planet from utter destruction by METEOR. This decision, unbeknownst to the cast, has a frightening side-effect as METEOR's impact is displaced to an unknown date in the future.

Simultaneously, Gyges, having dispatched the Giga-Council, dons the Mask of Calls, summoning _____ from the netherworld prison and transporting the Portal Oracle to the planet's core, the Airport.

Meanwhile the sprite, unquenched by the razing of the Citadel, plots further mayhem!

Featuring Gladys Knight, Saint-Saëns, the music of Shadowgate and zeldaxlove64!

j vimeo.com/9113799

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