Experimental Video Art

A trailer I shot and produced for a Seattle stage theatre show.
- The blood is corn syrup and red dye.
- The sword is real.
- Shot in an alleyway behind a Salvation Army thrift store.
- We got a remarkable amount of odd looks from passerby, to whom we patiently explained what we were doing. Once explained, the bystanders become more excited than anyone. Strangely enough, it is almost as if they are a part of the production process because they know what is going on. This is a common thread throughout many film shoots, and often the connections made on the street are more fun than the production itself.
- The actor and narrator is Parker Matthews, the lead in Macbeth and co-founder of Guild of Misguided Professionals.
Description of content:
Among Shakespeare's most highly regarded plays, Macbeth tells the tragedy of a noble soldiers descent into monstrosity. The play brings up questions of personal responsibility, the far-reaching effects of ones actions, and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

The Guild of Misguided Professionals is a Seattle-based acting ensemble founded by Whitworth alumni Matt Park/Parker Matthews (08) and Alex Smith (09). The Guild was created in order to create vibrant and accessible productions of Shakespeares works. The Guild holds that Shakespeares plays can be enjoyed by audiences of all backgrounds and strives to present the Bards works in modern, yet faithful, interpretations.

j vimeo.com/9740437

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