Extreme sports

I was finally able to attend a local drift day at Shannonville Speedway, and it just so happens that the day before I was lucky enough to become the proud new owner of a Canon Rebel EOS t2i!! I figured how better to test the new machine than to go watch some drifting! With that being said, I spent a lot of time shooting in the pits and getting the hang of the camera, so maybe call this a drifting/camera test vid!! Drivers in this video include: Pat Cyr, Brad Carlton, Peter Chrisikopoulos, Dave Briggs, as well as some of the local boys tearin' it up. Enjoy!

Shot with:
Sony HVR-V1U
EOS t2i w/ 50mm 1.8
Intro - Bruce Lee
Music - Chemical Brothers - Where Do I Begin

j vimeo.com/13318721

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