Extreme sports

When the cold arms of winter gets a firm grip onto the UK some kayakers hang up their kit and hibernate , others layer up the thermals and brave the cold and a small minority of fortunate paddlers get the opportunity to flee the country. This year I was lucky enough to join that minority and head to Africa on my first trip of I am sure many to come to the Nile river in Uganda. This video is the bi product of 6 weeks paddling, Two sets of broken paddles, Damaged cameras, a bit of sun burn here and there and one upset stomach or two. The trip was made an unforgettably life changing experience by the Friends I traveled with, the people I met and the memories we shared. Theses are my winter highlights and a glimpse into Wild’s World, The day to day life of freestyle kayaker David Wild.

Thanks goes to my travel buddy Bren Orton for his help with the filming.

Enjoy the video !!

j vimeo.com/38791999

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