Extreme sports

Riding Video 1997. What do you do once you get out of High School? Our answer was to ride our bikes and stread down Corydon Ave. We also got drunk a lot and started a few fires, but unfortunately most of those precious moments are captured in this video.

The one thing that's very obvious is the absolute brutal quality of the video. Honestly, it's surprising it's as good as it is. It was transfered off of High-8 to VHS, to another VHS, into my miroMotion DC30 capture card on my 7500/100 Power Mac where it was HEAVILY JPG compressed. Then Transfered to another VHS, then to a Mini DV, and to an MP2 for DVD. That DVD was then unreadable after a few years, so it was transfered to another DVD, ripped to a 320X240 quicktime, and then uploaded to vimeo.

j vimeo.com/3950102

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