Extreme sports

Own Narrative 7C FA
Heathen Chemistry 7C+
Enchantress 8A
In Search of Blame 8A FA
(music: Chemical Brothers - Hold Tight London)

INFO - The following are new problems recently done but not shown in vid...

Cracked Up - 7B+
Deep in the cave sit start with left in the crack, right small gaston. Finish both hands on a large volume in the roof with legs still on the overhang. Opposite wall does not play a part. Done partially wet hence grade needs looking into.

Antihero - 7B+
Sit with both hands on the left ramp in a right handside hold. Pull up on poor footholds and reach with right to the large flake gastone on the right, match and finish up on the volume in the roof. Currently, extended starting three moves left from an obvious massive undercutting ramp. Much more complete problem, probably now in the grade.

j vimeo.com/51167497

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