Extreme sports

Here we go guys! Spent last Friday and Saturday down in Portsmouth to ride, chill, party and generally have a chilled time with my good friend Euan Beaden Official! After deciding to film a few clips for his next video, it turns out we had enough for a whole video!!

We had fun, learnt some new stuff, relearnt some old stuff, partied, got depressed, cheered up again, rode bikes, led in the sun, rode more bikes and had a huge laugh together! Almost without it all getting a bit homoerotic!


Please note this is a video not about going big, fast or pushing ourselves, it is about having fun! I certainly believe that if all you care about is beating others and going bigger and bigger, then bikes are not for you. You should enjoy it, and if that brings progression then so be it!

Also, the editing was extremely half arsed! Was done in an a couple of hours starting at 2Am.... its not the best! its not meant to be either!

Saying that, Euan was on form as ever and his riding piddles all over mine!


j vimeo.com/66491463

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