Extreme sports

Short KiteLandBoarding action video edit with the Flysurfer PEAK 6.0m2 ridden by Laurent Guyot, shot at Weston Shore in the United Kingdom in winds around 15 knots.

The PEAK sets new standards in regards to low-end power, pack size and weight. The extreme weight reduction accomplished by removing the bottom sail allows the kite to generate a lot more power per m2.

Creating a single skin kite with depower is an incredibly difficult and complex challenge. It has been achieved by combining knowledge from soft kites, inflatable kites and paragliding with creativity and a lot of fine tuning to create a completely new solution.

Read more about the all new Flysurfer PEAK here: flysurfer.com/produkte/kites/peak/
Camera: Abe Alzouman
Edit: BSD Productions

j vimeo.com/82764688

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