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Official teaser of ALL IN - a movie about the snowboard life of Nicola Thost by Michael Haunschmidt
FULL movie released by febr. 3rd 2014 on vimeo.com/nicolathost/allin
Stay tuned on facebook.com/thostnicola
„During her competitive years, Nicola ruled women snowboarding like no other. With her progressive riding style she set standards that count until today. Winning an Olympic gold medal was only one of many achievements in her career. Even more important, after all those years, the success and injuries, the ups and downs of life, her passion for snowboarding is stronger than ever. And she does everything she can do to share this passion. What more can one ask for?"
Bene Heimstädt, Founder & Owner of Pleasure Snowboard Magazin

The story of ALL IN
When I started snowboarding, the whole digital and social media life of sharing content didn’t exist yet. In fact, snowboarding was still a niche sport. No wonder, that working with my scouting series Sprungbrett today, the rookies are asking what it was like to be snowboard pro back then. While talking, it always feels like living through all these moments again. My carrer happened somehow fast forward. And yet I was such a light-hearted young girl. Both the intense and cheerful times, but also injuries and rebounds where naturally part of the deal. Going through that huge archive of snowboarding mags, newspapers, videotapes and trophies at my parents house lately, I had the idea of bringing all those bits and pieces together in one movie. Only with that distance today I realize how much I invested into my life as a professional snowboarder and how my passion has carried me through all these times - to give it ALL IN.

j vimeo.com/85339016

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