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Film cant be made without your help!

In an attempt to give back to this amazing sport we've partnered with Roadracing World Action Fund as well as the Red Flag Fund. 80% of the profits made from the sale of the film will go directly to these two wonderful charities in hopes to forward the progression of motorcycle safety in the United States. So when you pledge to this film, you can be sure that no matter how much you pledge, there's a good chance that these charities will see more through your actions.

1. Roadracing World Action Fund - actionfund.roadracingworld.com/
2. Red Flag Fund - donate.redflagfund.org/

It's Something Inside is a feature length documentary that will explore the spirit and soul of motorcycle racing in the United States. From grassroots racing through to the highest ranks in the United States, AMA Superbike, AMA Flat Track, and AMA Supermoto.

Using a unique eye and a unique perspective we hope to show everyone the beautiful, elegant, and bright world of road racing. We are developing a film that will introduce a new audience to the exciting sport of road racing, as well as bring pride to the people that participate in the sport on a daily basis. From grassroots racing to the highest ranks in the United States, Shofner Films plans to explore and represent US motorcycle racing in a way it has not yet been seen.

We know its difficult for indie films to break through the niche and into the mainstream, to be promoted outside motorcycling, but thats the goal. Obviously the holy grail is a theater deal or an ESPN or similar type documentary that gets aired on a network. To get there you have to show them what you've got. Prove your piece is worthy, more or less. My way of doing that will be pitching the film to every film festival that I can. Get some awards, and get seen by those that make those decisions. As a production company that's not Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, or Fox, that's a challenge that takes far more money than what we are asking for or that can be reasonably raised here. Often times millions. I know we here at Shofner Films have the people and the talent to get this film noticed though, and that's the first step.

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