A film I made for the vibrant designer DAVID DAVID for his SS09 collection, which was screened during London fashion week instead of a catwalk show.

When I first became familiar with DAVID DAVID's designs, what struck me was the re-occurring white background. It was this infinite blank canvas that inspired the foundation for the film. I was keen to expose the fun, youthful essence of DAVID'S designs that was so evident, and present them in a new and exciting way. I'd wanted to combine David's colourful patterns to create a pattern within the patterns created by the silhouette of the body to create living shapes that morphed from one to the other. The playful choreography was the key area I'd wanted to explore in this film. This made the choice of music very important as it was intrinsic to the atmosphere of the film. The film primarily, is a modern love story with the focus on the duet, with a music video style edit. Creating a link between fashion, film, and music had always intrigued and inspired me. It seemed so obvious to me that film would be the perfect medium to showcase the essence of the fashion collection and the soundtrack needing to be just as cool as the clothes.
It was then essential that the music work in perfect harmony with the visual. I worked very closely with the choreographer and made it very clear what shapes I wanted, and when I wanted them. However my true inspiration came from the films of the 1930's director Busby Berkeley that inspired my idea for the film. Combining moving camera with well thought out choreographed action within frame to create dazzling shapes and proportions. I wanted to make an updated version using this philosophy by injecting colour, youth and geometrical shapes, to make something that is modern and contemporary.

"For David David's second Fashion East outing last week during London Fashion Fashion week, he opted for the medium of film to present his spring / summer 09 collection. Directed by new London talent Zaiba Jabbar, the film was inspired by the fantasy world of Busby Berkley's all singing all dancing musical performances of the 1930s' and has a very distinct music video feel, featuring a mix of models of the moment and street casts and friends of the label. Signature bright colours and graphic prints continued whilst some more playful, naive prints were applied on classic street style shapes."

"Downtown Music has a knack for finding sound visuals to accompany their music. One of their latest collaborations pairs Santigold’s “I’m A Lady,” a Diplo remix featuring Amanda Blank, with David David’s S/S 09 Fashion collection. The resulting product is a masterful film, directed by London talent Zaiba Jabbar. The film was created to showcase David Saunder’s latest collection and was inspired by the fantasy world of Busby Berkley. Berkeley was famous during the 1930’s for his elaborate musical productions that often involved complex geometric patterns. The parings all seem to make sense, as the mélange of brightly patterned tops and accessories coupled with heart shaped arm choreography is just the right dose of brightness to motivate us during these rough times. “This season, like the rest of my work, is about complementing geometry and giving it fresh energy,” a moto Saunders lives by."


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