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I had an opportunity at a recent photo shoot to work with former Playboy cover model Melissa Jean. I asked if it would be cool to shoot some video as I'm trying to improve my video skills and she was game to let me fumble with my equipment and make a run it.

Of course one of these days I'll learn that you really can’t mix the objectives of Photography and Video in a timed shoot as I didn’t really pay either one off well. The lighting wasn't set for video and I had issues with WB that I tried to resolve as best as I could in post.

I had poeple behind me waiting to shoot so I only had about 15-20 minutes to grab video footage which was nowhere near enough to grab decent stuff, but I did the best I could.

I used a Phillip Bloom slider and a Fig Rig to get some workable movement. I wish I could have had more time to slow down and do a better job but luckily I had a very forgiving model that was gracious enough to let me shoot away.

In editing I added the extra challenge of no faded transitions, and used only hard cuts and tried to synch those to beats. I used FCPX, and I always have the hardest time keeping footage locked to one particular section as that damned timeline keeps moving. Figure I must be doing something wrong.

Feel free to suggest any improvments or techniques to help me get better.


Manfrotto FigRig
Phillip Bloom 2ft Slider
FCPX Editing
AE CS6 (some minute color adjustments)
Crumblepop light effects


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