Shot at Trackdown Studios in Sydney, 2008.

Track taken from the LP "Libertine", released on Catalyst Records.

I arrived at the studio, not really with the intention of shooting a promo. I was there to do some interviews, catch up with a few people. But when I saw the band set up in this epic studio space, and I found out they were going for a live take I decided I had to do something... capture the moment!

I had a few cameras with me, a crappy temperamental Sony still camera, an old beaten up Canon DV camera, another Canon HD camera. That wasn't enough for what I had in mind though! I also borrowed whatever still cameras the band had, eventually scraping enough cameras together and went about gaffer taping them all to any available mic stand. When they went for a take I just pressed record on them all, sat back and let the band do their thing.

The hard work started when I had to edit it!

For more info on Merenia, visit myspace.com/merenia

j vimeo.com/5781408

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