Feminist Film Makers


In the world full of patriarchal stereotypes, the role of women is artificially limited to a keeper of the hearth. It's claimed to be not only a woman's main responsibility, but also the top of a pleasure she can ever achieve.
Something she is given and something she should be grateful for.
By using primitive drawings, author explores the aspects of so-called true "woman's happiness", which, according to the common belief, each female creature should look forward to experiencing.

Work is selected to be in the Ukrainian film collection of the THE SECOND SEX Project of Brigade Des Images (Paris, France) brigadedesimages.com/
Nearest screening on October 4th within Nuit Blanche art-event in Les Salaisons Gallery, Romainville ( Paris, France)

Screened at:
Kvirfem Festival Vienna 2014
SERILE FILMULUI GAY International Film Festival, November 2014, Romania
27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, November 2014, Marseille, France

animated videoart
720x576 (4:3) , 25 fps, progressive
sound stereo

May 2014

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