A short unedited single moving image sequence Unedited, Graded & Coloured on camera. Shot on a Sony 'Cine Alta' Range professional Super35 Sensor movie camera, Recorded on Solid State Media Compressed in HQ Apple ProRes Format. Proudly mounted on a 25 year old Ronford F15s Fluid Head & Attached to a Micro Jib on Heavy Duty Tripod sporting a 42.5Kg weight ballast.

One of my simpler setups this time of many limitless possibilities that works well for me here on my own with single handed operation, enabling sharp flexibility in variation of the framed shot for any director. Close up lens work & shallow depth of field a dream with this particular configuration.. Far advanced from a Tripods fixed linear dimension. My intentions here were to display the Flexibility & Adaptability I have in my setups and equipment in one moving image sequence that captivates multiple perspectives in that time-space.

As a package this free form style grip gives the actor on set more stance in shot and maximum presence on camera. Given the opportunity and choice I would pick this over any of my other grip to achieve your desired shot.

My camera work is rooted with Inspiration and intuition through a cultivated form of thinking independent of sensory experience. "Technology" really is nothing without Perceptive imagination, an intellectual quickness and acuity of the eye that never fails to demonstrate astute attention to detail.

Should you watch towards the very beginning with attention, You will witness not just a technical link with myself, camera and equipment, but also an independent link bonding actor and myself in mind, bringing the best out of the performance. Its this special connection on set that makes my work extra special. I hope you enjoyed the show ? Please feel free to make comment .

BIG shout out to Simon & Crew for their time and professionalism + 'BEVERLEY KEOGH CASTING' for their part to play ! I had much fun, Thanks to you ALL
Cinematography & Camera Work/Grip By Stephen Roberts UK
+44 07973 138 767


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