Futuristic Sci Fi Short Film: "DISARM" HD 1080p - A science fiction action movie by Andrew Kelleher
1080p for Best Qualty

In the near future, robotic limbs have become more powerful and versatile than the human body, granting their users incredible new powers. A new law is passed regulating the use of the dangerous technology, causing a leading prosthetics distributor to recall its products. An employee and a police officer go door-to-door collecting the bionic limbs, but not everyone will hand over their arms willingly.

A tense, futuristic thriller with intense martial arts, sword fights, armblades, flamethrower limbs, and incredible cgi vfx alongside practical special effects. Music by Roman Kovalik.


Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring this film to life.

Writer and Director: Andrew Kelleher
Producer: Marisol Medrano
Cinematographer: John Knudsen
Editor: Sarah Russell
Composer: Roman Kovalik
Sound Mix: Mike Mitchell
Sound Design: Riley Hinrichs
3D Models: Scott Ungchusri
VFX compositor: Jamie Yu & Sean Foster
Color Correction: Nicole Garcia
Fight Choreography: Bob Ondarza & Adrianne Ondarza
Special Effects Makeup: Alex Wright

HD 1080p 720p

robot prosthetic limb
sword fight
after effects
Canon 7D DSLR Camera
Sony Ex-1
Sony Ex-3
Final Cut Pro
After Effects
Video Copilot
Andrew Kramer


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