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Lisa remembers the good times she had with her partner, but is there a dark side to their relationship...


Directed, filmed & edited by
Sam Hendi

Hyette Duffy & Tracy Villiers

Sound & Lighting by
Gemma Hurley
Shahram Shayesteh

Creative Director
Abena Bentum

Written by
Shahram Shayesteh
Abena Bentum

Filmed with a Sony HVR-V1E and a Letus35 Extreme using a 28mm and 50mm Nikon Lens.

Also using a pan and tilt head with heavy duty tripod and a Glideshot dolly track.

Edited using Sony Vegas and After Effects CS3.

Winner 'Best Actress Award' Sen3 Film Festival New York 2009 (23/04/2009)

Screened at Short Sundays: The George and Dragon (East London) (05/04/2009)

Screened at the Bornshorts International Film Festival 2009 in Denmark (Bornholm island) (28/08/2009)

Screened at the Cinebarre Short Film Selection- Preshow before the showing of 'Law abiding citizen' starring Jamie Foxx (USA) (16/10/2009)

Screened at the Magma Short Film Festival in Rotorua (New Zealand) (02/05/2010)

Shortlisted for the DotFest Online Short Film Festival (01/04/2010)

Screened at the Holmfirth Film Festival in Holmfirth (West Yorkshire) (25/05/2010)

Screening at the Deep Fried Film Festival (Lanarkshire) (Scotland) (26/07/2010-08/08/2010)

A great review by 93 Studios:


We havent seen a really good revenge movie since Ai, I was waiting for something great to come along and Wrath is it. It was written and directed by Sam Hendi, the same person who brought us Gone. Unlike Gone which holds its plot elements close to its chest, Wrath goes straight for the jugular.

Hyette Duffy plays a scorned lover who has kidnapped the woman (Tracy Villiers) who she believes seduced her partner and forced him to cheat. The action builds steam as it segways from a low-key monologue to full out verbal assault as Hyette tears into her rival and we start to see that maybe, just maybe this woman has a few more problems than a cheating spouse.

This film skirts the line between a character sketch and torture porn, and it chooses the right side, side-stepping violence and replacing it with a carefully crafted look at Hyettes rapid descent into madness.

Once again, Sam leaves us with answered questions but much like in Gone its better that way.


Style 3.5

Its fast paced without being frenzied, a stunningly well made interpretation of the classic interrogation scene. (Pacing 4.5)

Storytelling 4.5

Polish 4

Hyette is incredibly good in her role as the scorned lover, its a performance worth watching even if there wasnt any movie around it. (Watchability 5)

Its the acting and script that brings this film up, the plot elements have been seen a thousand times before but very rarely executed this well. (Novelty 3.5)

Overall Rating: 4.16 out of 5 stars


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